Goodbye Chums 2007

GVRD, KEEPS and a number of other stewardship organizations and volunteers teamed up to bring this annual spring event to Maple Ridge on April 29th. Visitation exploded upwards from previous years to a final day's tally of 512. We can't thank all of our volunteers enough...especially Sonja and the Pathfinders Youth Society. 


The crowds began arriving early.

The day brought sunshine and plenty of smiles.

Once again, the children's activities were a huge hit.

The Rock&Roll game, which teaches stream geology in an interactive fashion, was also popular, as demonstrated by Brandon, Sarah and Cortney.

Dave, Craig and ZoAnne share a moment.

Of course, there were chum to release, and Wyatt and Teanne say farewell to theirs.

Tim Horton's was on hand, as was Panagos.