2011/2012 School Programs

Smiles, learning, fun and High-Fives

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Deb shows the students bear markings on a cedar, November 2011
Stream sampling during a cold snap, January 2012
Inspecting wind storm damage from the November 22, 2011 storm
Out for a snowy nature walk, January 2012
The SRT version of the province-wide Salmon are Sacred walk, May 2010
Water testing under the forest canopy as a snow storm descends upon Albion Park, February 2009
Fun in the snow, February 2009
Cliff Falls tour, November 2008
Water sampling at Spencer Creek, November 2008
Assessing Kanaka Creek near the hatchery, June 2008
High school students with part of their haul of invasive Policeman's helmet, May 2008

Group photo after another successful invasive species removal session in Albion Park, June 2008

Storm drain painting in the Albion area, June 2008

Putting on the finishing touches, June 2008

Rhonda gives the coho an evening feeding in front of an appreciative audience, April 19, 2006

"Tree planting" during this Watershed Road Show, January 19, 2007

A local SPARC group checks out the riparian habitat along Kanaka during this Outside Adventures program, April 19, 2006

Examining invertebrate samples, April 2007

 A fry release...in SNOW! April 2, 2007.

Taking a close look at a cedar tree, June 2006

Invasive species removal, May 2007

Students carefully place a western red cedar during a school ground planting program, February 2006


The students have a look at a frozen chinook salmon during an April 2006 program. This infrequent visitor to Kanaka was found on the fish fence in the fall of 2004.

Water quality study and aquatic invertebrate assessment on de-commissioned road at Rainbow Creek, July 2006

These students have the new spring greenery of Kanaka Creek as their classroom, April 2006

Water quality monitoring during summer day camp, August 2006.

These SPARCS are learning about aquatic invertebrates during this evening program, February 2006


Watershed Road Show, November 2005.


Checking out aquatic invertebrates during a summer day camp, August 2006.

Even the big kids enjoy the Watershed Road Show!   April 2006.